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Thread: Dedito Boots

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    Dedito Boots

    Saw these at the Scottish Game Fair and thought they would be a good buy. Anyone got a pair and found them to be reliable?

    Dedito Shootingwear Shooting and outside gear
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    I haven't tried them but met a lad at the weekend who does a lot of stalking and he bought two pairs as he reckoned they were excellent. Apparently, and I don't know, the company sells directly and keeps prices to consumers down.

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    they are also called Diotto boots... black islander was selling them for a while as were others under numerous names, I ordered a pair but really didn't get on with them, the way the tongue folds over made a real pinch point where the toe bends, they went straight back.....
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    I bough a pair at Scone. So far so good.

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    Ian Beefy Botham swears by them. He is their brand ambassador.

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    If they are Diotto boots, they will leak.

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    I worry that with the thinsulate lining, they would be too warm? I might give them a go next time I'm buying boots

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ranger22 View Post
    If they are Diotto boots, they will leak.
    The Boot job is in a state just now, my favourites for years were Lundhags, not the boots they were, now made in Portugal were at one time they were handmade in sweden.
    I had 7/8 pairs of Hanwag Trappers, they stopped making them and the new one is called the Brenner, I bought a pair a few weeks ago, rubbish!! They have a sole that should be on a training show, no stiffness at all and the finish and material quality he's went through the floor.
    I've not spoken to a keeper in the last 6 months that hasn't bought thier last pair of Miendl's for the same reason, poor quality of build and materials.
    I've just got a pair of Altberg Stark Extreme, now called the "Gunnerside" boot, they certainly are much better in quality of finish and material than I've seen for a good while, just hope they stay waterproof.

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