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Thread: Winchester Legacy parts

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    Winchester Legacy parts

    anyone know of a uk dealer that stocks spare parts for a winchester Legacy 357 parts neede are
    Cartridge Block U364101000
    Carrier U341450220
    Link Complete U999240

    Many thanks

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    There isn't one, you chances of coming across a dealer in the U.K. who has the spares you require are about the same as you winning the euro lottery. Spares for a Winchester 94 (presumably a pistol calibre rifle) in the U.K. are as rare as unicorn poo. You will either have to get the parts made or try sourcing them in the U.S. where they are also uncommon.

    The 94 design simply didn't work too well in .357 that is why the Marlin is far more common/popular for gallery rifle shooting and why Winchesters (pistol calibre) are so much cheaper to buy second hand.
    There was I understand at least one chap in the U.K. who was manufacturing carriers for the .357 94 but I believe he no longer does so because of the amount of work involved to get it right. Apparently they were a bit of a nightmare to make.
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    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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