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Thread: My Sika Stag - Just rx'd from the Taxidermist

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    My Sika Stag - Just rx'd from the Taxidermist


    Chuffed to Bits and after a long time in the freezer and after a number of months waiting, I've just received my Sika Head back from David Hollingworth.

    A few pictures enclosed.

    I kept the Stag for a mount as he was my first Sika Stag, he's got an abnormal roman noes (not too clear in the pictures) and some interesting antlers.

    Just need to agree with the Mrs where he's going to proudly hang now.

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    could there be a chance there is Red in its line?
    There is a place on this planet for all of God's creatures, right next to my tatties and gravy!!!

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    Hi Dan,

    I'm no expert on the Sika but will check when I speak with the land owner next I'll double check and see what he thinks.

    From Memory the two types of Sika (Manchuria and Formosa) were different in size. If I have it the right way around the Formosa is smaller then the Manchuria and the deer shown is off the smaller genetic line (Formaosa I think). For what it's worth I dont believe there is Red in this and the area it was shot has no cross breeding present i.e Red's with a look of Sika about them.



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    Hi robbo i don't think there is any wild Manchuria and Formosa sika only jap sika where abouts did you shoot it mate looks like it has a touch of red in it still a very nice head .


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    Hi Gadget,

    Shot in Invernesshire..

    Looking at him again.. you could all be right. Half breed or otherwise since doing the DSC1 course many years ago and then getting into Stalking I always wanted to shoot a Sika.

    Delighted to have him home and on the wall at long last. Only problem is the Mrs has said no more!

    She may be right!


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    Hi Robbo

    Can you forward me the details of the chap as i have a Munty in the freezer that is barking to take his place in my conservatory. Well done on the sika mate.


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    You'd be barking mad not too then!

    Taxidermist name is David Hollingworth. As said in the other thread he's just set up a new website

    But you can get him in his work shop on 01457 766633

    Here's a picture of the Roe he did for me.


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    Thanks Robbo

    Spoke with David, should have the munty off as soon as the wife gives me the nod theres some lovely stuff on his website. I love the Lion with the zebra in the mammals page.


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    Great stuff. Pleased you spoke with David and I'm sure he will do you a fantastic job.

    When you get it back please do share the pictures on the site.. It's always nice to see the work and other peoples heads.

    Regards the lion and Zebra.. Yes.. and I love the 3 roe jumping the barbed wire fence.

    The cows a one off!!! but is amazing work.

    I'm told there will be some pictures of the rhino he's just completed soon... so keep you eye's out for that one.

    All the best


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    Manchurian Sika are in the wild in the UK. But not Formosan to my knowledge. The mount looks like its had a touch of Red in the bloodline.


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