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Thread: Forster Co-ax Press

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    Forster Co-ax Press

    Brand spanking new... ordered off Spud about 8 weeks ago as I was going to start reloading again but it has become painfully obvious that I'm never going to be able to extract my teenage daughter from my home office and turn it into the loading room I was planning so I'm just going to stick to factory for now!! lol

    Haven't even taken it out of the packaging spud put it in to ship to me!!!

    279 and I'll ship it for free.. would prefer bank transfer but will take Paypal if absolutely necessary.


    PS pics available if require but they will be of a box covered in black security wrap!
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    It was a brick inside !!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1967spud View Post
    It was a brick inside !!!!
    Hahahaha... shhhhhhh don't tell em!

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    MMMMMMMM....tempted!! Quick somebody buy this thing!!

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