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Thread: Great service from Hampshire FLO!

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    Great service from Hampshire FLO!

    You do hear a lot of stories about poor service, excessive licence restrictions and delays from FLO's around the country but I dont think much is said to thank the staff for what they do deliver on.

    So with that in mind I just wanted to say thanks to Hampshire for turning around my coterminous SGC renewal/FAC grant so quickly this week.

    I know they are under the cosh with clearing their backlog of paperwork at the moment and I had a few months wait from submitting the forms to my home visit (and they were always very polite and helpful when I spoke to them during this time), however I had the home visit on Monday morning and by 8am Wednesday morning I had both certificates in my hand! Fantastic service there!

    My local FEO is excellent, the conversation was sensible and constructive and as a result I have .308 plus moderator granted, deer, fox and AOLQ, expanding ammo, target shooting and 250 rounds.

    Scope is already ordered and will be delivered today (Swarovski Z4i 3-12x50), and as I'm off work next week I think I might spend a day rifle hunting!

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    Pleased to hear of your good result.
    As you say, the people in the office are always a pleasure to deal with. Let us hope (against all hope) that the new administration heralds a better and more efficient service, as much for those processing the applications as for ourselves because they deserve better too.

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    Pleased to hear about your FEO, the IW FEO is pretty good as well, all the problems that I have had have emanated from higher up in the FLD. If Groothuis really has moved on it wouldn't be a great surprise to see a dramatic improvement in service.

    atb Tim

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    +1 for that, Tim.
    We live in hope for a more sensible and rational future.

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    it would be nice if it improved, I've only had my certificate for about 3 months over the past year waiting for variations.

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    Just had my shotgun renewal back last week. I put it in 13 weeks before the expiry date and it came back through the post with four days to spare.
    Slow, but an improvement none the less....
    Starbucks. It's not my cup of tea.

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