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Thread: unconventional hunting grounds

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    unconventional hunting grounds

    I had a conversation with a friend today about unusual and awkward places he's had to shoot deer - like in polly tunnels on soft fruit farms, or at the bottom of large gardens.

    It got me wondering. Where's the most unusual, unexpected or awkward place you've managed to successfully shoot something? From remote island to city cemetery?

    I can't claim anything spectacular - golf course on the edge of a city is as far as I've gone in terms of unconventional hunting grounds.

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    I used to shoot rabbits in the garden of a convent.....

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    Munty humane dispatch in someone's rought iron fencing, tangled beyond belief, no way of getting it out. Very bizarre. Even once dead it was a pig to untangle, God knows how it managed to get itself so stuck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by palmer_mike View Post
    I used to shoot rabbits in the garden of a convent.....
    With or without holy sanction?!

    I have a friend (a member on here who may or may not decide to reveal himself) who was once asked to despatch a pigeon that had got into the chapel of a Cambridge college. Had to take great care to avoid the stained glass...

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    Used to shoot on a walked up/driven syndicate that had former RAF married quarters as part of the land.
    bit odd taking shots at game down a terraced street.

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    Quote Originally Posted by palmer_mike View Post
    I used to shoot rabbits in the garden of a convent.....
    Theres a euphemism if I ever heard one........
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    I used to shoot hares for an Arbortum.

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    Muntjac buck 10m outside someones front door at 4am. They never even opened their curtains (unmoderated .308).
    2x adult and 3x cubs 5m from their conservatory that were hell bent on eating their Chiwawa.
    and my favourite
    putting my Jack Russel up a chimney breast to catch a Squirrel. There was a brief scrap, shortly followed by the squirrel appearing at the fire grate, then followed the terrier who hurtled round the living room chasing the squirrel. He caught it,then ragged it and rolled on it, before I got to him.

    The terrier had gone up the chimney clean and white in colour.
    He had emerged a very sooty black colour.
    The living room HAD a white carpet.

    When I finally looked up having picked up the dog, the woman owner was standing there with her chin on the floor. I charged her 35 and she said it was the most amazing thing she'd ever seen. Don't know if the carpet ever recovered.

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    I have taken a muntjac out of a walled garden in the middle of an Oxfordshire village.

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    A recently passed friend of mine , who lived in northern Alberta , woke up to a noise in the middle of the night . He had a 20X20 trappers cabin that he spent the summer months in . He always had a rifle close at hand by habit , so he grabbed it and turned on his flash light ( no electricity ) . Long story short , he had to skin out and butcher a roughly 450 pound Black Bear at the foot of the bed . Life in the Boreal forest lol .

    He became a great believer in locking the door at night after that , go figure .


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