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Thread: In mourning now Germany is out of the game

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    In mourning now Germany is out of the game

    Bo Ho Bo Ho.

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    Oh dear, what a shame, how sad - ha ha ha ha

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    Enjoyed the game. France were to clinical in front of goal.

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    I think on the night the better team won. Not too much else to say really. Although I would quantify that by saying that Germany controlled things for stretches, but couldn't convert that into anything. I guess you could say that they were unlucky in front of goal later on when chasing the game, but again, it's scoring that counts, as England failed to grasp.

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    You could at least take heart from the fact that they tried hard right up to the whistle?
    Pride in action?

    On the other hand, sad to say ours didn't try at any time, even looking extremely bored in their broadcast training session?
    An absolute disgrace!

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    I clicked on this thread mistakenly thinking something serious must have happened to your dog/family.

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    Just a joke. I stalk and dont watch much footer.

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