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Thread: grass seeds and dogs

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    grass seeds and dogs

    Just a reminder for people to check over their dogs following running in long seeded grass (the dogs running in the grass not you!)
    especially foxtail grass and these:

    I had to remove one from my cocker's eye and just now have had to treat both back feet between the toes where the grass seed had punctured the skin and had begun to enter.
    the knotted hair around the seed masked an small open lesion and only her constant interest in chewing it made me look closer

    once in they have a habit of migrating around the body causing all manner of problems

    Preparing your Dog for Summer: the Marc the vet

    not mine:

    nip it in the bud and save yourself a lot of money and your dogs a lot of pain

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    Just had my boy at the vets after he let out a howl while on a walk and started holding his head to one side. Vet checked his ear and couldn't see anything so gave him antibiotics. Couple of days later he had what I thought was some kind of seizure as he was unsteady on his feet and his back arched...after a few moments it passed and he looked dazed and confused.
    Took him back to the vets and they took bloods and had a good look in his ear (different vet).....end result anaesthetic,and a barley corn recovered from his slightly perforated ear drum.......and a 1200 bill !!!!! Good job he's insured.

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    Would be having a word with the first vet....

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    Thanks for bringing this to my attention, my springer "goose" starting showing symptoms last night, just picked him up from the vets where they removed grass seed very close to ear drum. 400 quid well spent.

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