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Thread: 284 winchester

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    284 winchester

    I recently had a 284 Winchester built, trouble is im struggling to fine any loading information, I have 162gn Amax , and would like to use Viht, as I have a few tubs, N165 and N140 , its a 28 inch heavy barrel . any help appreciated

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    Another, Google..The accurate reloading scroll to the reloading section..john

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    Hi Thanks for that, appreciated, but I have seen it and please dont think im ungrateful, but that is for Sierra bullets, I have Hornady Amax 162gn, and the hornady website doesnt show 7mm .284 winchester , just about everything in 7mm but . cheers guy

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    Is case capacity not very similar to the 280Rem? could you start low with that data and work up?

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    Depending on how your 284 has been chambered, it's unlikely you'll get any meaningful data from bullet or powder manufacturers. The 284 Win was introduced way back in 1963 as a short-action cartridge for the Winchester Model 100 self-loading and Model 88 lever-action sporting rifles. It attempted to obtain 270 Win / 280 Rem performance with lighter bullets at least in a short package, the maximum COAL as registered in SAAMI at a mere 2,800-inches, same as 243/308 etc.

    In practice this COAL limited bullet weights to 140-150gn and the cartridge was a total commercial flop. What kept it alive was that the US 'wildcatting' community loved its short but high capacity and strong rebated-rim case and it was wildcatted to everything under the sun from .22 to 270 calibres, particularly popular in 6mm and 6.5mm versions, the latter eventually adopted in a modified form by Norma in 2000. Sometimes during the 1980s or 90s, American long-range sporting rifle enthusiasts who were increasingly using custom-built rifles rediscovered the 284, but for use in long actions at COALs considerably greater than the SAAMI 2.8". In this form, it was often called the '284 LT', LT being 'long throat' and was chambered for COALs at around 3.1-3.3" using 150-180gn bullets. This transforms the usability and performance of the cartridge, but is no longer a factory design, and standard 284 data no longer applies. It is in effect a 'semi-wildcat'. Somewhat more recently, F-Class competitors discovered the 284 Win, although nobody calls it that in the discipline, the usual name applied being 'the straight 284' (to distinguish it from the 6.5-284 variant and also the slightly 'improved' 284 Shehane version).

    Most 'effers', myself included load 175/180gn bullets, but the 162gn A-Max is popular with some and is easy to load for. The first thing you need to find out and let people know about if you want loading data help is the OAL the chamber needs with the 162 when just out of the rifling lands, and that'll depend on what the gunsmith set it up for as we're talking non-SAAMI dimensions here. It's unlikely it'll be a SAAMI chamber, or at least I hope not as it'll be a very constrained rifle/cartridge combination for you as was the 1960s original.

    At the factory / SAAMI 2.800-inch COAL over half of the 1.42" long 162 A-Max, a shade under 0.8" is inside the case and the likelihood is that it's so deeply seated that the shank is too deep to be gripped properly by the case-neck even. A more sensible chamber freebore would see this bullet loaded to ~3.1-inches when touching or just shy of the rifling lands, that being near ideal with a calibre length of bullet shank seated inside the case-neck.

    IF that is how your 284 has been set up, Viht N165 is a very good powder for this combination. It won't provide ultimate velocities, but with a full-case charge or even a little compressed, it usually gives good precision and reasonable velocities allied to very good barrel life as N165 is one of the coolest burning canister propellants available.

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    I use 162 Amax over 53.5 RL17/RS60 in my .284, I'm getting 2950 from a 26" barrel. I really love this calibre, I will be taking it up north instead of my 6.5x47 next time I go.

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    pop a 162 amax on 52.5 rs 60 and fine tune from there .chances are you won't need to.

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    HI Thanks for the help , Particularly Laurie, as it happens OAL on a Amax 162gn coming a fraction over 3-1inch. Which spooked me out when 284 data show 2-8 inches !. I tried 52gns v165, thing I will build it up to about 56 ( 1 gn at a time ) and look out for pressure, and see if i can get it close to 3000fps . cheers guy

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