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Thread: Hill Stalkers Rifle Slip

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    Hill Stalkers Rifle Slip

    Hi All

    One product we get asked for at Game Fairs & email enquiries is a traditional Hill Stalkers Slip similar to Brady & Croots designs, well finally Phil Ogden & I got our heads together and have come up with a quality English made slip which should be ideal for day on the hill or glen.

    • Traditional "Fox Brown" waterproof 3 layer canvas with fluro carbon finish
    • 4mm thick Bridle leather shoulder strap
    • Hand sewn 4mm thick "Blocked End" to protect muzzle area
    • Traditional flap & buckle opening and full length YKK zip
    • Fleece lining
    • 48" & 52" long - will accept most rifles with scope, bi-pod & moderator
    • 125.00 + p&p

    Just pm for further details.

    Many thanks

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    These look the business

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    They look great ... One wee observation does the extra leather looking pad actually sit where bipod is when rifle slipped looks like it needs moved towards muzzle end a touch ....
    I've seen similar slip but only complaint the guy had was it was hard wearing where the bipod sat .
    Not a criticism just a thought & if I was going more hill / red deer is be on the phone ...
    If it's anything like your range mat & bino caddy then be a damn good product


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    Hi Paul

    Thanks for your thoughts - feedback is always appreciated.

    I suppose the wear on the other guy's slip might be dependant on the quality of material used, I've seen other ones in the market which are a light grade canvas which would be more prone to wear, also most tend to be un-lined whereas we specifically introduced a fleece liner to add an extra layer of protection and would also be more hard-wearing in this area.

    Also worth noting that many Hill Stalkers don't use a bipod to keep the rifle weight down.


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    Can you pm me,I want one!!!! Many thanks Danny

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glen C View Post
    These look the business

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    Hi Rob do you have one of these fab looking slips can you pm me with how to make payment. Pm also sent

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    Rob pm'd you can you send me your pay pal details

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    Ive just bought a croots one..wish I'd seen this earlier
    ... One kill....

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    Hi Rob how do I purchase one of these rifle slips? My friend glen has one they look superb.

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