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Thread: 65grn Sierra Gameking load data .224" for a .223

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    65grn Sierra Gameking load data .224" for a .223


    Does anyone have any published data on this bullet?
    I am using AA2230 powder and can't find any published load data, only anecdotal stuff on the yank sites where they are pushing high velocities out of semi autos and 16" barrels - I value my fingers...

    Thanks in advance,


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    Quote Originally Posted by MrYou View Post
    Thanks, notice the distinct gap between 63 and 68grn bullets!?

    I loaded up 15 to the same length to ogive as my 63grn SMP and 69grn SMK's with 23gr, 23.5gr and 24grns of AA2230 and tried them at Bisley this morning. Good news is I have all my fingers and all 3 groups where sub 1", the 24grn was a 1 holer till the last shot (when the chap next to me let a .43 Beaumont go a fraction of a second before I fired) that's my excuse anyway.

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