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Thread: .243 rifle scope

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    .243 rifle scope

    whats people opinions for a good scope for a .243?
    I like good clear optics, will be used for stalking and vermin.

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    I've got a Vortex HST on mine, good at the lower range for most stalking but then up the mag and use the BDC reticle or turrets to dial in when shooting vermin or longer shots. Teamed with 85 grain game kings it's proving to be accurate and deadly .

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    ive got a 2.5 -10x50 ziess on mine which does me fine but then again so would any scope regaurdless of mag or make aslong as it has good build quality and optics, its going to be a very personal choice for yourself but if you buy the best you can afford and dont be worried about secondhand optics you wont go wrong personally tho if it were me and i was going to use it for small vermin i wouldnt go below a 10x mag

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    The old adage buy the glass and spend the change on the rifle is very true. Buy the best scope you can buy with the budget you have. Do not Scrimp on the quality. S&B, Swarovski, zeiss are all good makes and a second hand one always better than a new scope of lesser quality.
    I personally am a S&B fan, a good 8x56 (or 50) will do all you need. I am sure more will come along with their favourite but stick to a fixed focus 56 from one of the big three names and you will not go wrong.

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    Schmidt and Bender 8x56? Covers all bases for day, dusk and night. A lot depends on your budget, if you go for a quality variable power/mag scope, expect to spend at least half as much again.

    I have an S&B 8x56 for sale if you're interested?
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    Just gone back to a s/b 8x56 mostly used for foxing,vermin a bit small at distance though,got a sightron up for sale if your interested.

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    Quote Originally Posted by J0RD4N View Post
    whats people opinions for a good scope for a .243?
    I like good clear optics, will be used for stalking and vermin.
    If you can afford it, get a Swarovski Z6i Generation II, 2.5 - 15 x 56 mm objective lens with a ballistic turret. Fantastic scope.

    Alternatively, I could sell you a Swarovski Z4i, 2.5 - 10 x 56 mm objective lens with a 4A 300-I illuminated reticle for a good price, hardly used. Great light gathering lens for shooting late in the evening and early in the morning. If you are interested send me a pm.

    Good luck.

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    Swaro 2.5 15 56 Aside from the inherent weight being a variable scope its the perfict scope for short range and long range shots

    I have a BT on both my ones but I consider that optional for most shooting but nice to have for long range fox etc.

    Both of my ones are Gen 1 but I dont have an issue with the IR switch having to be switched off before putting the rifel away and they do plastic caps to keep it off in the bag

    Well worth the considerable SH cost savenig IMHO

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    thanks for all the replys!
    its a hawke vantage 4-12x40 AO that i have on my 17hmr and love it. i have a simmons whitetail classic 3.5-10x50 aswell that was on the 17hmr aswell. both brilliant.

    but thanks for the comments. i might find a good hawke scope i find them good.

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    A 243 is a very different rifle to a 17HMR. The recoil on a centrefire will knock the stuffing out of some of the cheaper scopes. The inherent dangers then of shooting a nonzeroed centrefire are much worse.
    There are cheaper alternatives to the ones mentioned but do make sure that it is rated for centrefire rifles not rimfires.
    Goud luck with your search.


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