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Thread: Tikka t3 extractor help

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    Tikka t3 extractor help

    Had a bit of trouble today think hot loads are the issue but the extractor on the bolt is half depressed and wound extract the empty properly iv had the firing pin out cleaned it but it's sticking is there a simple way of sorting the extractor ? Cheers regards Benji

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    Ejector or extractor

    The plunger - to remove brass just depress and release a few times it should clear.

    If the extractor remove it - ten second job and clear the crud with air line or carb cleaner

    dont lose the spring or actuator rod when stripping the plunger or extractor....

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    I'm no gun smith but its the little round thing next to the firing pin hole the plunger bit is sticking half way in tried cleaning it with the usual

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Isnt as springy as it was

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    It appears to be the ejector you are talking about, I would put some gun oil on around it and push it in and out a few times, wipe off the excess oil and see if there is an improvement, use something like the blunt end of a pencil to move it to save your fingers.

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    Is there any way of removing it to see if the springs gone

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    Yeah, small drift. However, a good way of jamming it if you use the wrong size. I'd try the oil soak and a poke first.

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    Does the case eject? If so, don't mess with it. They can be a chore to put back in.~Muir

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    Nope doesn't eject and I'm not sure I should take it out is it a quick job for a smith?

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    Five minutes for the man with the right drifts.

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