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Thread: Miroku MK38 sporterised trap grade 5

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    Miroku MK38 sporterised trap grade 5

    Last in my series of reluctant sales (I hope)...

    Miroku MK38 grade 5 trap action & barrels with grade 5 sporter woodwork. 32" trap barrels choked 3/4 & Full, far nicer to handle than multi choke barrels. The ideal high bird gun or clay gun.
    The gun is not mint, but it's in really good condition with the occasional very light surface scratch. Bores are immaculate, action closes nicely with top lever not centred as should be with these. Only minor issue is the centre bead is missing from the barrels, but I prefer it like that, the front bead is perfectly intact.

    I also have a second MK38 grade 1 trap with 32" barrels that has been sporterised by fettling the stock (comb has been scalloped and lowered) and opening the chokes out to 1/2 & 3/4. I bought this with the intention of opening the barrels out to normal game chokings to use with the first gun, but then just enjoyed shooting it and thought it was in such good condition it was a shame to break it up. I would let that go for 400 along with the first gun, or for 500 on its own.

    Looking for 1650, I'll cover RFD my end. Can organize for you to try in Aberdeenshire or thereabouts.
    Please PM for more info and pics by email.

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    Can I get the stock dimensions please

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    PM'd you.

    14 3/4" lenght of pull to centre of butt, 15" to heel, drop at comb 35mm, drop at heel 50mm.

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    Update to include second gun.

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