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Thread: Tikka T3 7mm08. Custom barrel

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    Tikka T3 7mm08. Custom barrel

    For sale is a Tikka T3 stainless synthetic rebarreled with a Bergara barrel in 7mm08.
    20 inch barrel
    Fluted bolt
    Rifle and action cerakoted black
    The new barrel has had around 300 rounds through

    750 plus RFD (20)

    Scope and bipod not included.

    I can e mail or whatsapp more pictures if needed


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    Hello fella might I ask why your looking to sell and how dose it group

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    I'm new to reloading and I'm struggling with load development, I thought there was a problem with it so I took it through to Steve Kershaw, he had a look at it and said there was nothing wrong with it, i had it recrowned while it was there. Steve took it out and fired around 12 shots with it using factory ammo, it did an inch an half group at 100 meters.
    Steve said it just needed a load developing to make the group tighter

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