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Thread: Knee / foot operated tap. Kit

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    Knee / foot operated tap. Kit

    Hi folks
    Managed to land myself a stainless double sink double drainer for my slowly ongoing garage to larder conversion
    I'd like to fit knee or pedal operated tap to this for hygenie reasons
    Anyone got a link to decent retro fit kit if such a thing exists ...
    I do t want the sink just to fit aftermarket to an existing sink


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    long lever or surgical taps
    to be operated with elbows

    cheap and easy to fit

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    Good point Brewsher I'll look at them .....
    Don't happen to know if they would " pass muster" with environmental health if looking to get larder passed do you ?


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    If elbow taps are good enough for an operating theatre would be a very unwise environmental health inspector to challenge them.

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    Was kinda my thinking as well .....common sense ?

    But the cynic in me saying I would probably get some absolute cockwomble inspector

    Away to look for some long handled taps!


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    Or some infra red taps would be equally appropriate for your needs.

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    Ok now they sound cooool!
    But I've never heard of them ( Google again)
    But if they are anything like no touch toilet flush & auto taps in T5 heathrow then no ! At best useless ...
    But away to have a look
    Thanks for suggestion


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    Dyson now do one which is an infra red tap and has the blade air hand drier built into the tap but they are very expensive and we found dyson a real pain to deal with. Got let down on delivery a number of times

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    For your double drainer sink you don't need anything special at all,but for a hand wash basin then that is different and you shouldn't be using one for both operations that is the sort of thing they are looking for.


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    We use a company called Teknomek for the lab refurbs we do at work mate - Stainless Steel Furniture, Catering Equipment, Sinks, Tables

    Great to deal with and if you speak to them they may do a deal on old stock,

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