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Thread: Hello Again.

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    Hello Again.

    Apologies for not being about since Late November, but I've had one or two Personal issues of the divorce variety to deal with.

    I see I've had a few PM's (41) whilst I've been away and to those that sent them I'll get round to replying as soon as I can and apologise if there was anythign urgent that needed a response to.

    Things have somewhat settled down albeit not resolved and I aim to start getting out shooting again with a vengence shortly (1 clay trip in seven months)

    Looking forward to getting back into it without having to worry about what time I'm home and when I go.


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    Hello SS

    Been there done that but life goes on and gets much better

    Good luck and happy hunting


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    Quote Originally Posted by Max View Post
    Hello SS

    Been there done that but life goes on and gets much better

    Good luck and happy hunting

    Seconded - It takes time but it does happen.

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    Third on that, wondered where you were. John.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Suffolk Shooter View Post
    ......without having to worry about what time I'm home and when I go.
    Oh how I dream of the day....
    "It's halfway down the hill, directly below that tree next to a rock that looks like a bell-end"

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    all the best, glad you are out shooting, Tom

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    Cheers Guys,

    I am so much better off without her, the only price that is has been too high too pay is that of not seeing (and for the vast majority not talking either) too my daughters for the last seven months, but hopefully that will change next weekend providing she actually keeps to her word (Well i can live in hope can't I). Been out once since we split in October and that was only for a few clays, but looking to get back into it big time again and will hopefully be having the new cabinet (She won't let me have my existing two!!) installed with the next fortnight. So they'll be no stopping me.

    Big thanks to Monkeyspanker ( I owe you one or two drinks I think MS) for looking after my FAC rifles and couple of shotties for me in the interim and a big thank you also goes to my FEO who helped tremendously when getting the guns out of the house as well as to Suffolk Constabulary who attended at my request the night I returned home from shooting to find I couldn't get in. In this day when it seems people are only too willing to slag off the various county police forces, I honestly can't say enough positive things about the way I was treated by my FEO and the two WPC's who attended that fateful night. The way in which they listened to me when I explained that they could not hold the gun nor have the cabinet keys spoke volumes and my FEO upon reading the report told me that I had done everything right and behaved impecably throughout.

    Now to move on and bag a deer or two, get ready for the wildfowling season, sort out some beating and maybe, just maybe a trip to scotland for a combined long weekend of Deer, fowl and game.

    Oh, and it does get better as I'm now back with my fiancee of some 15 years ago, and am so happy to have her back in my life along with her two boys who I will convert to shooting (all X-boxes, PS's and laptops at the moment) at some point (The look on their faces when we rocked up to MS's after he got back from an afternoon's stalk with a few carcasses was absolutely priceless. "Yes boys, thats where real meat comes from, not some plastic wrapped polysterene tray from Tesco's").

    And the new missus has said that when we eventually move in together, I can have a gundog (My soon to be ex wife sold my Golden Lab Retriever Barley and won't tell me to who or where!!!). So thinking nice Springer or Chesapeke bay retriever when the day comes for wildfowling and rough shooting.


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    Remember SS they are all material things that can be replaced. Laugh at them [the ex's] it drives em nuts I know I dunnit then laugh even more an they go real nuts good luck with your daughters and good to see your back.

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