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    Ian Farrington

    Just completed BDS 2 with Ian.
    A very professional, patient, firm stalker. He does not bend rules and he is straight yet personable. He has a lot of land & knows his deer & their habits. Accommodation spot on, with loads of excellent books & DVDs. His wife Jo is an excellent cook and genuine person. They really look after you (they even pulled 9 ticks off my back!)
    Ian donated a lot of his time(7 hours) to the BDS paper work. I do think that there is a lot of repetition of the questions & can understand how professional stalkers would have issues with the time taken to do the paperwork.
    I would really recommend this team to anyone.

    Dr Robert Boulton

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    Hi Doc,
    Do you mean level 2 Accredited Stalk or has your portfolio been passed by Ian as an assessor, the second stage from the AW stalk?
    Some of the repetative questions are to give the candidate the opportunity to add a fuller answer than just the short one to help the Assessor know your depth of knowledge.
    A simple example for instance - Why do you use that rifle ? because it complies with the Deer Act in that it is over .240 etc, good answer, but so do all the guns in any RFD shop, provided they are over .240 etc etc for England.
    Same question in the second batch of the Portfolio. second answer, Because I am familiar with it and can rely on it not to let me down, another good answer.
    Same question, third set of papers. Because I know it is accurate because I used it on the range last week/yesterday etc etc.
    That lets the Assessor know (probably) that you use your rifle regularly, are familiar with it's capabilities and look after it, all the things needed to carry out a humane kill.
    This is not a criticism of any AW, just a hint of what helps the assessors and saves those unexpected 'phone calls

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    Ian also helped me with my dsc1 and he was my intro to stalking...At the end of the day if he does a good job people are going to go back. I will be using Ian again in the future

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    Well done and i am sure you are now a competent stalker and will be able to stalk deer in a safe manner on your own.

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    In reply to EMcC. Ian acted as an Approved witness. He did add that when the Fallow cull is on, that this is the best time if you are hoping to condense your 3 BDS beasts into a few days.

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    Nice to hear someone who appreciates the AW's work and realises how much work goes into completing a portfolio, squeezing the trigger on three deer is the easy bit! Well done to both parties.

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    Congratulations on getting your ICR's completed and congratulation to IanF on what sounds like superb service.

    DSC2 completed, now the real learning and hard work begins

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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