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Thread: T8 mods for sale

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    T8 mods for sale

    ****** Both mods now SOLD **********

    Not sure if these are any use to anyone but they have both been on my Sako 75 stainless synthetics and are in used but good condition apart from a couple of rust spots on the smaller one of the 2 (please see pic).

    I am asking 75 for the .30 cal one and 50 for the .25 cal one plus postage.

    Both are M15x1 spigotted.

    The smaller one of the 2 has been on my .22-250 but will accomodate upto and including .25 cal (just checked with Jacksons).

    Thanks JB
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    You have a pm

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    Cheers Rex

    PM replied to.



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    Shame they are M15 and not M14.......
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    Typical isn't it TJ and always the case.

    As I am sure you know unfortunately although an excellent the mod, the thread size cannot be changed on the T8 unlike the jet Z

    I have got 3 thread sizes currently forced upon me from acquiring rifles that had already been threaded - sure you know the sort of thing.



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    Jon, you have mail.

    I had Steve Kershaw cut a Blaser 15x1 spigott on my 260 and fit a new end plate on the Jet-z, the Jet-z now fits the Sako and the Blaser. Your 25 cal might suit me, even as a backup.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Hi Brian

    Sorry just replied to your PM and the .25 cal was already sold to Rex

    Have a think about what I have said in my PM and I will reserve the 30 cal one for you till I hear back.



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    Jon, don't worry about the 30cal, I already have a 30 cal Jet z.

    Thanks anyway.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    No probs Brian - thanks for the interest.

    .30 cal one STILL for sale.

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    Jon, you have a PM.


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