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Thread: Looking for .30-06 ammunition, expanding. 180 - 220 grain

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    Looking for .30-06 ammunition, expanding. 180 - 220 grain


    I am looking for expanding .30-06 ammunition in anything from 180gr through to 220grain.

    I'm in East Sussex nr Brighton. Nobody nr me stocks this kind of thing. Does anyone in this area have any that they have for sale?

    many thanks in advance

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    Give F A Andersons in East Grinstead a call. They usually hold a selection.
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    Unfortunately they don't stock heavy loads. They stock one type of 180gr but at an astonishing 52 a box. Other than that their heaviest is 165gr. These rounds are for a double rifle that need heavy loads for the barrel twist

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    Who have you tried? Sussex Guns near Battle might be able to help you, as Might Chris Potter in Tunbridge Wells, or Diamond Guns in Heathfield. The couple of times I went to Andersons they were rude and unhelpful (and VERY expensive) so I couldn't recommend them anyway.

    Chris Potter always tried to help me, and despite being known for not being cheap, actually they will compete on price. You can at least have the conversation.

    Good luck.

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    Do you roll your own?

    i have a box each of 180 grain Nosler partitions and 200 grain Nosler accubond bullets I could give you to get you out of a fix?

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