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Thread: For sale. Cz 455 thumb hole. 22 LR and a bio to. U/o .410

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    For sale. Cz 455 thumb hole. 22 LR and a bio to. U/o .410

    CZ 455 22 LR thumb hole stock varmint barrel with scope and strap in good condition screw cut 350.00

    Boito .410. U/O. NE fired 8 cartridges from new unmarked and has a additional short stock as well as full stock. 250.00 with cartridge stocks as per, in as new condition

    Or would swap the two for a half tidy 28 bore either U/O or SxS

    RFD excluded but I'm told it's 30-40 per item if not collected

    prices are what I've been offered on a trade in for a 28 bore in my local gunshop

    if you wish you can try before you buy if you fancy a night out rabbiting providing your ticket is in your hand



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    Quote Originally Posted by remmy700 View Post
    Sir You have a pm Cheers.

    Hi Remmy
    pics sent as requested via e mail

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