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Thread: Tikka M595 6.5 Creedmoor

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    Tikka M595 6.5 Creedmoor

    For sale is a Stainless Tikka 595 with 24 inch factory fluted Lothar Walther Barrel threaded M14 x 1.

    Trigger is standard Tikka.

    Invisible End cap and 0MOA Tier One rail included.

    It has done about 300 Rounds and you can borescope it before purchase if you wish.

    6.5 Cal Third Eye Spartan Mod also available but is seized (not to the barrel!!) and non strippable. Good condition otherwise and TET said just run it as a sealed unit and it will be fine.

    Stock was to be a standard Tikka unit fully functional but a bit tatty but buyer of the McMillan didn't come through so that is available also.

    Price is 595 for Rifle in Standard stock with Rail and Mod.
    895 for Rifle in McMillan Varmint stock (pillar and epoxy bedded) with rail and Mod.

    More Pictures available on request, and any questions give me a shout.

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    Bump for changes to ad!

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    had a couple of inquiries about the stock. I will give it a bit longer to sell as a package first. and 2 people have 1st and 2nd dibs but will update if that changes.

    any interest in the rifle?

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    last bump before it gets broken up.

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    Looks nice. Out of interest, who re-barrelled it?

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    Tikka M595 6.5 Creedmoor

    Is this sfs

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    that is beautiful

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    Pm you.

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    It is lovely, I'm going to regret selling it I think but it's not ideal for target work and that is what I am doing most of at the moment. If I doesn't sell at this price it will stay and have a .308 barrel put on.

    It was barrelled by Mike Norris, top quality work

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