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Thread: Smith and Wesson Mod 18-2 Combat Masterpiece .22LR Revolver

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    Smith and Wesson Mod 18-2 Combat Masterpiece .22LR Revolver

    Hi All,

    Forgot to say that although the cylinder has been restricted to 2 shots only it can be reversed and put back original without the need for proofing along with specialist knowledge and tools.
    The revolver was made in 1965 and is in superb condition with its high gloss blueing and is clear that it has had very little use over its years.
    Itís a double action Revolver and has both a target hammer and target trigger. (Wider blade and wider hammer spur)

    Your FAC must be conditioned for, or have authorisation to acquire a 2 shot pistol/revolver.


    Thanks for looking
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