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    I am having a clear out of unwanted bullets
    F2F only:
    Attachment 72225

    NOW FOR SALE 345 x 6.5 bt hunting part box not in picture. opps sorry ist not 645 as in 50's lol

    cheap as chips sierra have just gone up 15%
    enlarge the picture to see prices
    Southend on sea

    pm me for mob: if you wish them
    .I will be away for a week so be f2f in SS2 after that or at lakeside Essex .
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    HI Paul
    I will take all the 7mm off you if we can sort out f2f cheers guy

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    ok mty we can sort it out after my hols
    pm me your info feller see if we can arrange a f2f .
    got a box of 7mm nos bt as well .

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    Hi Paul O'
    I might be interested in the 6.5mm heads - can you just clarify exactly what you have
    left for sale (ie. for each different type of 6.5mm head - the number available, the make,
    model, and weight). Thanks.

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