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Thread: Dsc1 exam

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    Dsc1 exam

    Hi everyone I'm just wondering if anyone knows of one or two spaces on a dsc1 course or exam in August I have had two possible not run and struggling to find dates that suit


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    My sons on one with John Robson end of August, bit far for you I would think.

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    I'm running a level 1 course from 22nd to 24th of this month if its any help? It will be near Sherborne, Dorset.
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    Even furthe afield - but we have one in August and will always look at trying to accomodate ad hoc dates if set dates dont work.

    No dig at anyone or attempt at self promotion, but only extunating circumstances (eg four foot of snow etc ) apply, so long as we have at least one client, the course/test goes ahead. I can only say it again - not self advertising or having a go at anyone else; but worthwhile asking whovever you book with what the policy on that is.

    Hope you get sorted and all goes well
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    Thanks might make that but probably out the country by then

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