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Thread: Ban on lead ammunition ruled out: BASC statement

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    An evidence based result - there is hope yet.

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    Well done all party's concerned.

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    I imagine that must be pretty much the last thing Liz Truss will do in that job!

    11.34: she's just turned up in Downing Street! Lucky she got that one in the post yesterday...
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    Well done BASC & CA. Having read Liz Truss's letter to Jonathan Swift I wouldn't care to be his dog right at this moment.

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    She's the Justice Secretary now! Michael Gove's old job.

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    The nearest I can get to a smug smiley!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ileso View Post
    Can you use DU?
    If Nosler made their Accubonds with it I'd give it a try, it could be useful for finding a carcase in the dark.

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    Thanks David BASC

    I see Chris Packham is boycotting shops that sell grouse (M & S)

    and Liz Truss is the New Justice Secretary, thanks for signing the letter before you left

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