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Thread: It won,t work?

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    Unhappy It won,t work?

    I brought a addley precision Swedish mauser mount ( smith-less type) from Canada It fitted very easily onto my Swedish m96, I mounted a UTG 30mm 3-12x40 compact scope on top.

    when I got to the range I found the scope was too from my eye for me to see the target (100m away) when I moved the scope closer to my eye I found that the bolt would not open with out hitting the scope.

    My colleges at the range had a look and advised me to return it and try to get my money back.

    advise please have I over looked something obvious to corrected this or should just send it back.

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    In common with many military rifles of the late 19th Century standard Swedish M96 rifles had straight bolts, the bolt handle projects at 90 degrees to the right of the breech when closed.

    Those modified as M41 sniper rifles with the side rail scope mounts had a turned down bolt to clear the scope. Later models such as the M38 had the turned down bolt as well. If your bolt is the old style that may be your problem, it may simply not be possible to fit a scope unless the bolt is modified.

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    See if you can get a Scout Scope.
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