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    My Intro

    Hello everybody

    My name is Jason. I live in Magor, S.Wales and I'm a complete novice stalker, about as novice as they come.
    I'm a part-time gamekeeper on a comparatively small pheasant and partridge private shoot.
    Have shot from my left shoulder for some years with the shotty but whilst I've practised with the .270 setup, have put 2/3 shots inside the 4" circle my first time out, then my mate suggested shooting from the right as I'm right eye dominant.
    You wouldn't believe the difference, I never. First 3 shots were sub 2" at 100m, then I put another three at a clean target and put them sub 1" at same distance. I'm converted

    I've been studying the Bds manual for a few weeks to learn as much as possible before I enrol on a Dsc1 course, which I'll be doing with a friend from work. We've both applied for our Fac's to obtain a .243, myself for Fox/Deer. I've been trying for a few weeks to get onto the course run at Eskdale by phone and emails but all to no avail. I can't get any response there whatsoever, which to me seems a bit wierd so my search has taken me to look at a venue called Barton St Davids...Does anybody have any knowledge of this venue and the quality of training there?
    I've bought several books, the new Deer & The Laws, Roe Stalking and one other by Richard Prior plus a few Dvds, From Field to Larder by Chris Howard and some great ones of roe stalking in Hungary, Dorset and Scotland.
    Ok, well thats enough about me. I won't bore you anymore(defo no punn intended)

    Signing off.

    Dirty Antler

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    Welcome to the site

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    Hi Jason,

    No such thing as a part time keeper

    I did my DSC 1 at Agriculture College Cirencester, great course some very knowledgeable guys helping out (Steve Bowers, (shooting times) gave me some excellent advice on my rifle). We used the range at Severnside so a mere stones throw from you. Would recommend to all.

    This is the site for knowledge and picking brains, some realy knowledgeable guys on here.



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    Thanks for the welcome.
    You're right there, the owners(as nice as they are) want it run as a full-time shoot but without the baggage that comes with it. I don't mind though, not much anyway. It does have it's perks
    I'll definately be asking lots of questions to the members. As soon as the front page came up, i thought, yes, this looks the right place for me. I'll have a look there, should find it on the internet.
    Well thanks again and look forward to lots of posting.



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