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Thread: 22 Satan and reloading gear

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    22 Satan and reloading gear

    for sale , 22 Satan ( 6.5/47 necked down to 22) nesika T action with a bartlien 1/8" twist barrel , sat in a grs stock . threaded 14/1 for a mod but also has an invisible thread protector. comes with picatinny rail aswell as , all the Redding dies to size the brass down ,200 pieces of brass some loaded but can be pulled , also load data for 80gn Sierra match kings 200-500 ish not sure exactly how many match kings . awesome rifle has the same elevation at 1000 yards as my 7mm shehane shooting the 180vld . only selling due to lack of use ! no scope ,mod or bipod only rifle and reloading equipment
    2000 Ono
    was built by mik at dolphin rifles
    round count 250/280
    cheers for looking
    pics on request as I can never seem to upload them on here
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    You have some very nice toys Moose.... Is that the one you had at Reepham a few months ago or was that your 7mm? I'm guessing the round performs something like the .22-250? Had never heard of it until this post....

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    It's been to reepham but not recently , I must admit I do like custom rifles , they have a unique feel . it's got a bit more oomph than a 22/250 ��

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    price drop 1500 it's a bargain at that

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