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Thread: Pokémon cull day

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    Pokémon cull day

    well we laughed tonight my boss has caught wind of the new Pokémon craze and was frantically trying to get in touch to see if we had them on the shoot as they're in the local village .guess he thought they would be here and folk would be all over the shoot looking for them !
    are Pokémon aolq and what cal for them as I've to shoot on sight

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    i think you can only shoot them with a dedicated rifle large call 338 and above with thermal sight!

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    seems like the Pokémon have got a lot of bored peoples imaginations just didn't expect the boss to actually think the little critters where roaming the farm .....

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    Quote Originally Posted by shakey jake View Post
    i think you can only shoot them with a dedicated rifle large call 338 and above with thermal sight!
    You're wrong there mate. I was told that you could safely use a 17HMR at ranges out to 700 yards. Don't worry about AOLQ, no need for it as that they class as a pest/non-native species so no closed season - Not sure about lamping the little blighters though, they might well get educated to a lamp and digital caller quite quickly!

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    Pah round here we use glass marbles out of 1.99 ebay catapults none of that telescopic silencer malarkey neither.Pokemon,s days are numbered in the shire
    she buys shoes i buy ,shooting,she stops buying shoes,il be amazed

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    You'll need any other virtual quarry, unfortunately none of the big players are supporting culling so reloading is a must, live capture seems to be the order of the day atm.
    35gn ballistic pokeballs over 30 gn N130 through any any 22cf works well.
    You'll need an i-sight or the android equivalent. I've seen i-seats places near pokestops used with success. Good luck and watch out for the antis they may be closer than you think.

    I'll get me coat

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    Game dealers around here are paying Ł3.25 a kilo for the big purple ones and Ł4.00 a couple for the small yellow ones (they taste like duck). Apparently a big market for the meat in France...
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    I've got my PSC1 coming up soon but can someone let me shoot them on there land for free to get more practice

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    Its the morons with the phones that need culling,,,bane of my life watching tool after tool in traffic on the phone!!!!arseholes

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    Trouble is moron only gets 35p a carcass at the game dealers and the special moron culling axe,s are a pound each so your on to a loser if you go down that road
    she buys shoes i buy ,shooting,she stops buying shoes,il be amazed

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