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Thread: It seems to be kicking off in Turkey

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    It seems to be kicking off in Turkey

    I am sitting here watching BBC news 24 as a military coup appears to have started. Regards SBM

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    The attack in Nice was probably the last straw for the military, which is more moderate, more educated, and has a lot of interaction with NATO and training in the U.S.A., so this Muslim Brotherhood government, which was working under the table with ISIS, had to go.

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    Its back with a vengence,he got all his supporters to surround the tanks so they couldnt do nothing then his police rounded up the naughty boys .Over 700 arrests so far and the big general cheese being held hostage has been released .Quite weird seeing the Pres face timing a TV station to call his supporters out to help him this modern technalogally is good eh
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    erdogollum false flag more than likely
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    Gollums on Tv now telling them He,s not the messiah he,s a very naughty boy
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    It's all over bar the shouting, with 750 military detained and 60, mainly civilians, dead. As the military have been detained for treason, they might not see the light of day again...
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    Turkey has been sliding in to a Muslim only led country for many years, the changes from a secular government would make Ataturk turn in his grave.

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    Hi Just sitting watching news just now. Boris is going to be busy today as foreign secretary.

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    And the Brussels Eurocorrupts gave these people the right to travel visa free across Shengen Europe.....madness!
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