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Thread: .222 best or favourite powder

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    .222 best or favourite powder

    Just about to start reloading for .222 any recommendations for a good powder..? Cheers Lee

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    Ramshot Xterminator is good if you can get it. Fills up the case nicely.

    I think Viht N133 is another good option.

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    .222 will eat anything!

    yet to come across one it really doesn't like

    i was once told by a .222 expert that you can't go wrong with a brim full case of n140 and compress it with the 50gr bullet
    shot hundreds of foxes with that load!

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    I have rl7 h335 h benchmark vvn135 vvn140 rl10....guess just pick one and see huh....

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    If your looking for excellent accuracy, velocity and case fill H322 is the way forward.

    I've found BLC2 to be a close second.

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    H4895 for me...........

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    ramshot tac and 50grn soft point works well for me

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    For a very long time the 100 and 200 yard bench rest records were held with a 222 using H4198. It's still hard to beat.~Muir

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