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Thread: Fishing on the River Taw

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    Fishing on the River Taw


    I am hopefully going to have a couple of days on the River Taw. I will mostly be trout fishing, but would like to at least cast a line for sea trout. This is not something I have much experience of. Can anyone give me some advice on tackle and flies that will work for the sea trout?


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    6-8wt rod, floating line, intermediate leader, 8lb leader. Selection of 1" tubes, silver stoats tail, teal blue and silver, bloody butcher. Don't forget wake fly.
    tight lines.

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    Thanks Big Ears.

    I will post pictures if I have any success.

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    When are you heading down and what stretch are you fishing? I fish about 4 miles of the Upper Taw. The brown trout peak is just past, but there is still good chances for some nice fish on dries. The sea trout are running well and we've even had a salmon off the beat for the first time in 3-4 years. The sea trout we have taken have been on dries (black gnats) during the day, with one on a GH nymph. All on 3wt rods. Running rather low at the moment, but a couple of showers could bring it back up.

    If you've any spare time and fancy trying a different stretch or just an evening fishing with a 'local', drop me a PM and I'd be happy to meet up and help you lose some flies. Our water is best described as 'combat fishing'!

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