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Thread: Pigeons in Laid Wheat

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    Pigeons in Laid Wheat

    That time of year when the birds are landing in the tram lines also any laid crops, these birds were tucked in a cosy 9 acre field with a couple of patches getting most of the attention.

    I called the farmer asking if his lad would like to join me, Harry was on time with what I asked him to bring. They run a big pheasant shoot but never seem to get time for pigeon shooting, Harry had a new gun with him and a track record of 10 pigeons as his biggest tally.

    The day went well with "H" getting dialled in, 114 pigeons in 4 hours, we left the dogs at home then came back to pick up. He was over the moon with his 61 birds....
    I managed 5 pairs in my total.

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    A very under estimated sport and an under estimated meat.
    Used to love a bit of Pigeon shooting but was never any good at it! It`s an art.
    Well done on a decent bag.
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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    Great bit of sport there mate, and superb getting the doubles in there. I love the thrill and challenge of pigeon at this time of year.
    Sadly I lost some local ground when the landowner changed. I'm hoping to get out in a few weeks when the harvest starts...Enjoy it.

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    nice bag mate, superb sport

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    Cracking stuff. Cant seem to get on any farms up here

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    The dog seems happy enough with efforts!, I have spiders in my / our shotguns, I scare more than I bring down, found out my master eye is on the wrong side , that must mean I'm cockeyed
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    I saw my first couple of combines working the fields today. Time to dig the decoys out of the shed.

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    mate did 257 on Sunday on laid bar!ey I've never really got into pigeon.shooting somehow I always seem to be thinking I. could be up a high seat

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    In March I picked up the pigeon rights on the estate that we back onto at home, but I've not been out since April as the rape had a sudden growth spurt, and I didn't want to leave chicks starving in the nest.

    What do you folks do about shooting over rape? Would you go out now when it's browning off, and laying down a bit, or leave it until it's been harvested next month? It's bl**dy thick stuff and finding pricked birds might be a real issue

    New to this, as you can tell, and I'd rather learn through others' tried and tested methods than get it badly wrong #respectforquarry
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    Not that I shoot a great deal of doos but I am of the thinking that if the crops are tall then it may be difficult to find the pricked birds without damaging the crop further and of course there is the moral issue of losing them altogether. That is if you are going to do a big pick up mind and having a dog will certainly reduce the damage. That said though, if the farmer says 'get out and shoot them, they are eating the lot!', the decision has already been made so to speak.

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