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Thread: Leupold vx-III 8.5-25x50 LR Varmint

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    Leupold vx-III 8.5-25x50 LR Varmint

    Body of the scope is in excellent condition. It is very bright and the picture full of contrast. Reticle is fine varmint/ bullet drop and wind drift estimator. Have had this scope on my .308 but decided I wanted something tactical so switched to a sightron 6-24 sIII. Find the Sightron picture not as good but it's a compromise as wanted tactical.

    The front element has few specs of dust under it. Have asked Leupold and they have said to return it to them for a free service under thier lifetime warranty. I have not got round to doing as dos not want rifle not to have scope on it. Now have the Sightron on and zeroed so can sell this. have priced it to reflect specs of dust and there is a picture of this too.
    Its a great scope but I no longer have a use for it.

    If if you would like I can include a set of tactical weaver/ picatinny mounts. They are low but gave adequate scope clearance for myself on rifle. Also have a butler creek rear lense cover ( the from one is now on my Sightron)

    450 delivered

    If it's not sold in a week or so I will then send it back to Leupold and advertise it for sale when it is back for quite a bit more.

    1/4 moa adjustments
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    Scope is clear when looking through it. Tried to get pics- not that easy to do and garden is not long enough to have reticle and image in focus

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