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Thread: Red kites

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    Red kites

    I noticed on the BBC Scotland web site this morning a story about another 3 red kites that have died, I can't see the story there any more or I would link to it. Anyhow the bottom line what that these birds were being tracked by school kids and one died in an accident while two died in a manner that the RSPB hinted involved foul play, or maybe that should be fowl play. It was a wonderful story combining today's trendy crime, wildlife crime, along with school kids who are upset at the loss of their birds. I nearly cried myself.

    Is anyone else getting sick of the RSPB stirring this up? Each and every week they have a "dead baby" story, almost always involving red kites for some reason, and each and every week they try to hint, where they have no evidence, that someone (usually a gamekeeper) is implicated with the clear hint that it is even more reason why these green nutters should have more control over our lives. I'm sorry but while I'm as opposed to "wildlife" crime as the next man I'm starting to smell a rat. If red kites are so rare how come at least three die each and every week of the year, always on quiet news days, and yet their numbers keep increasing? Howcome the RSPB are always there to find the body? How come the are able, in almost every case, to establish that it is foul play? How many school kids are there now tracking red kites just waiting to be part of some RSPB publicity stunt when the thing dies? From the reports I suspect it must be every single kid in the country. To be honest I suspect they have one frozen red kite which they drive around the country thawing out and holding up as evidence of wildlife crime.

    I can't help but suspect these nutters are building up to something here. Do I recall recently that there was some indication that they were looking for control of "wildlife" even over ground they didn't own? I also know they have been buying up land adjacent to shoots and their purpose in doing this is not to make life easier for the shoot owner.

    Now, there is isn't much point to this post other than to have a rant about how utterly crazy the press reporting of this is becoming, driven by the nutters obviously, but it is worth watching out for these people as you don't have to be paranoid to see that they are coming for our sport and they are moving very fast indeed with a lot of cash behind them.

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    Nail, Head, Hit!!

    Being in the circle that people point the finger at, it REALLY is shocking the lengths that these organisations will go to to try and dirty the name of 'keepers, sheperds and stalkers. I know many instances where the "evidence" just isnt a true account of the situation.

    Many cases are being hailed a success as charges have been brought to the accused. In reality the charge has very little to do with the alleged crime.

    There was a recent case just outside Newcastle where a 'keeper had been charged with the "misuse of Pesticides" after a bird of prey had been found dead on his ground and tested positive for poisoning. What we wernt told was the charge was nothing to do with poisoning but the 'keeper had chemicals that were stored incorrectly!!

    A blatent case of misleading the public into thinking keepers are the enemy.

    Im going to slink off into the background before I climb aloft my soap box.
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    Were you talking about this story:

    I read it yesterday and had to smile when I read the RSPB's comments that two kites had "perished in unusual circumstances". What exactly was their evidence of this?? I couldn't help but think about the recent Shooting Times story that the RSPB had been forced to apologise in Birds magazine after admitting that a photo they'd used supposedly of a poisoned buzzard was, in fact, a fake.

    What really amazes me is some of the comments on the birding websites such as and Until I saw these I hadn't realised that there was a militant wing to the Birding community

    And don't think that we in the Deer community are unaffected by their ramblings:

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    Quote Originally Posted by willie_gunn View Post
    Were you talking about this story:
    That is the very one, and the strong implication in the story is that "we know who did it but can't say in the media because there is no evidence..." However, you can be pretty certain that they are telling everyone they meet of their "views" including, off the record, the media.

    Last week the story was they were raiding Moy estate with 45 police as they were killing red kites, cue the arrival of the frozen red kite yet again. Just how many red kites are there out there that the population can sustain the number of "unusual" deaths the RSPB claim? The only thing unusual about the deaths is that the RSPB are always there to find the body and they are always able to allocate blame and it always goes in one direction. This is well and good but I'm not the only person out there with a (small) brain and the rest of the world are going to start asking questions as well.

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    Magnificent to watch these birds I see them regular as a breeding program is in force in the area I stalk

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mannlicher_Stu View Post
    Magnificent to watch these birds I see them regular as a breeding program is in force in the area I stalk

    I agree, they are indeed beautiful birds to watch. Down here near the Chilterns they have been very successfully introduced, indeed I would almost dare to say too successfully.

    I caught the train up to London from Didcot Parkway yesterday and over the town itself there were 3 kites soaring. We see them over our little village every day and on the chicken farm nearby every telegraph pole has a kite or a buzzard.

    What I would like to hear from the RSPB and others is what they feel is a truly sustainable population, or do they feel there should simply be no limit and that 'nature will take care of itself'. I'd respect this decision is they applied the same to deer.

    caorach - interestingly if you browse through those Birding websites, the militant wing believes the RSPB is in bed with grouse moor owners and the landed gentry . It's almost funny when you contrast that view with the one held by the shooting lobby. They also talk about thousands of hen harriers being killed every year by gamekeepers, but of course it's all hushed up by the RSPB.

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    If it sanything like over my sky, they needed a cull, the sky is full of them , or they need to be caught & releaed else where !

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    The Red Kite is a remarkable success story and my favourite bird. I love to see them soaring in the Welsh skies and it was 20 years before I actually saw one. In the early 20th century they were probably down to just 6 birds in West Wales of which just one was a fertile female, although they didn't know that then.

    They weren't in West Wales because it was good habitat, it was just their last stronghold and because it wasn't great habitat, this combined with egg stealing and poisoning made their recovery in Wales very slow. You see that by how fast they have expanded after reintroduction in the Chilterns which is good kite habitat. However, in the past 10 years the Welsh kites have started to get into areas which are better habitat and have dramatically increased their rate of expansion and there are now about 1,000 pairs in Wales, another 500 or so in the Chilterns and about the same again over the rest of England and Scotland. If you go to one of the feeding stations like Gigrin Farm near Rhayader you can see 300 birds in the air, contrast that with a total UK population of about that number as recently as the late 1970s.

    Very reluctantly I stopped supporting the RSPB with donations because of their ridiculous anti-keeper stance and the lies and exaggeration contained in news reports, particularly with respect to hen harriers, which ironically do worse on RSPB reserves than they do on managed grouse moors!

    Let's not kid ourselves though, the law is the law, all raptors are protected, and there are keepers who still poison or shoot anything with a hooked beak and I've no time for them, but they are very much a minority and the RSPB position is totally unjustifiable.
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    With this winter past being so disasterous for all grazing animals the carrion feeders have had a bumper time. They went into the spring in top condition and never before have I seen such big and well grown broods of ravens. I suspect the later breeding birds such as Buzzards. Eagles and Kites will have done just as well.
    I have to agree that the RSPB which is a charity but sometimes behave like a police force do seem to spend more time promoting the welfare of predatory species. Is there more publicity therefore more revenue in this approach for them? David

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    An old friend of mine who works in Forestry witnessed a pine martin getting into a Red Kite's nest and finishing of the lot. The local RSPB refused to believe it and said that a keeper had shot the nest. They just can't accept that anything other than evil keepers would do such a thing!

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