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Thread: Sako 85 Varmint .223 / Meopta scope / ASE CQB mod

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    Sako 85 Varmint .223 / Meopta scope / ASE CQB mod


    I have for sale my .223 foxing set up. Its been somewhat of a safe queen for the last 6/9 months as I have been using other calibres and am looking to free up a space in the cabinet for something a bit bigger.

    The package consists of :

    Sako 85 Varmint laminate stainless in .223
    Meopta Meostar R1 R 3-12x56
    ASE Ultra Jet Z CQB moderator
    Sako opti lock rings and bases

    The whole set up is in superb condition with less than 200 shots through the rifle. There are some minor surface marks on the moderator if i'm being really picky but that is me being pedantic! The bi pod and sling are not included in the sale. I do have a selection of ammo that could be included dependant on price. This is the ideal time to get yourself a complete foxing set up, just before the crops come down! Zero'd one inch high at 100 yards this set up is lethally accurate at 200/250 yards.

    If you were to buy all of this new it would set you back around 2500! I'm asking 1600 for the complete set up....that's a gnat more than some companies are asking for the rifle on Guntrader brand new on its own! Grab yourself a bargain.

    Will meet up at a reasonable distance or will RFD at cost.

    Any questions just shoot me a PM gents.


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    Shame it's a right hand stock.
    Have a bump on me.

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    Re listed for sale as it was provisionally on hold for someone who can no longer buy it.

    Ive seen something else I want and would like to move this on. Price reduced to 1525 and I'll throw in some rounds to get you started. RFD at your cost.

    This is a brilliant .223 set up at very cheap money now!
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    barrel twist?how much without scope?

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    I'm interested in the scope if your thinking of splitting.

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    Any possibility to ship to Latvia please? More interested without scope if possible.

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