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Thread: Blaser R8 308 . What grain

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    Blaser R8 308 . What grain

    I have a R8 Prof arriving soon in 308. First time I have used this calibre and will be looking to pick up some factory ammo soon . What is the optimal grain to use, hunting will be primarily UK deer species . Thanks

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    150gr all day long, you generally won't find many shops stocking much alternative weights as a standard product for factory ammo anyway, it will kill anything in the uk no problem.
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    +1 for 150g -mine loves the Sako super hammer head.

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    Mine performs very well on all UK Deer using Sierra 150Gn Spt Pro Hunters or Game Kings but also does very well using 180gn for larger quarry out of England.
    Incidentally it also performs quite well with PPU ammo of several different weights including 170Gn Grom.
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    Yep, 150gr. Hornady SSTs and the American Whitetail are really good through mine.


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    As everyone says 150 g all day long Regards Steve

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    Thanks all. 150g seems the one

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    As long as your rifle likes them

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    Just to add a diferent view, I use 125grain Nosler BT running at 3244 FPS against about 2750fps with the 150 grain. I found the destructive expansion was better with the 125s on head shots. The slower 150s were going through and through but I must stress I have only tried them once and due to the results they got put in the fox round box

    FOr heart shot I am sure the slower 150 would be better but not in BT

    Running 125g BT with home load at 3244 fps i am gettig about a 3" drop from 100m to 200m which makes it a nice long range round

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    When i live in England i shot homeloads 165grn nosler bt. Shot a lot of deer with that bullet. I now load Norma 165grn Oryx for all my hunting. 150 grn nosier partitions work well. I've never understood why people buy a .308 and then shoot light bullets. If people want to shoot light bullets then get a smaller caliber. Just my opinion.

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