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Thread: Thoughts on single shot rifles for deer

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    Thoughts on single shot rifles for deer

    I've booked my first shoot for deer. I'm interested in people's opinions on using single shot rifles for this purpose.

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    hit it in the right spot it will die
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    No problem at all. It only takes 1 shot, and doesn't take long to reload if required.

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    I've got a friend who owns a major sporting firearms dealership and who has the choice of every known make of rifle, and could no doubt afford custom built Rigby, H&H etc jobs too if he had a mind too. For the 30+ years I've known him, all his stalking has been done with an early and beautifully finished 7X57mm Ruger No.1 single-shot. This includes many shooting holidays abroad in Europe and what used to be annual trips to Canada taking rather larger game than he would here - a good sized black bear on one occasion in B.C.

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    Had a client with a single shot rifle years ago, missed a beast. Couldn't reload quickly enough to take the second shot. It was put away after that and he used my model 70. Never been keen on the idea of single shot rifles since. If you use a magazine fed rifle all you have to do is work the bolt, no faffing about.

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    I can reload my #1 pretty quickly. Practice practice and practice

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    Yes it usually only takes 1 shot in the right place but what happens when it dosnt go to plan, there is a longer delay compared to a magazine fed rifle. Also if you are to cull females then the idea is to shoot the dependant young too. With a single shot rifle you are putting yourself at a distinct disadvantage from the start. Why?
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    Quote Originally Posted by The tramp View Post
    I can reload my #1 pretty quickly. Practice practice and practice

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    That's all well and fine but if the proverbial hits the fan and a shot goes wrong. Having to manually put a round in place is something else to think about, the less you have to do in that situation the better.

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    Shouldn't be an issue.

    I thought everyone on this site shoots their deer at the perfect broadside angle, at bayonet range?

    One shot should be enough.....

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Used a single shot since 1978. No problems. The few that needed a second shot i found with the dog. I've shot 4 roe one after the other with no problem and the same with fallow.

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