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Thread: Quick roe stalk

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    Quick roe stalk

    Following a short notice request from a friend in the force to help him with his roe cull, saw me this evening missing the match [no loss there] and heading off to the mendip hills.
    My pall had been seeing up to nine bucks an evening but due to an arm injury that has prevented him from stalking he hasnt been able to keep up with his cull plan and wondered if i could lend a hand.
    We soon arrived at the ground and as it was only going to be me shooting due to his injury my pall decided he would sit in the highseat and watch the action [his words certainly not mine ]
    I decided to stalk up threw an uncut meadow and then reaching the top of the field get threw a hole in the hedge which would mean any deer out feeding in the next field would only be about 60-70 yards away and with the long grass shouldnt feel inclined to rush back into the woods.
    The plan worked a treat and as i approached the top of the field i could see a buck walking out of the wood in the top right hand corner but on closer inspection he was far to good to shoot so i got threw the hedge and slowly crept forward.
    Rounding the corner i spotted another buck that was doing a good impression of looking like a unicorn in velvet but as he was 50 yards past the first buck he was going to be difficult to get at to say the least.
    Creeping forward at a snails pace i got to within 30 yards of the good buck then it was onto hands and knees to pass by him and reduce the gap between me and the target animal.
    At about 40 yards i thought i was pushing my luck and decided to stand up mounting the rife on the sticks at the same time.
    A boiler room shot was a totall no go as the grass was just to thick and tall so i gave him a whisle and up came his head and with his neck clearly visible it was safety off slight pressure on the trigger and bang.

    After the grallock we decided to call it an early day as i had to get my kit ready for the wiltshire meets boat trip in the morning but a great start to the weekend none the less and a deer in the chiller that needed taking out.

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    well done another cracker of a head..
    i love how roe always seem to grow in different angles.


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    rick good to hear your still busy at it mate a good one to cull by the looks of him
    catch up soon
    regards pete .

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    Nice one Jon,
    Glad to see you and Pete are still alive winters coming and the fallow are breeding well chaps
    Just picked up another big lump of good munty stalking and it looks like the wood by home I thought i was going to loose is all sorted again so we got some to shoot next year.

    Speak soon.


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    Good account and you made the right choice regards the match I wish I had done what you did.


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    An interesting head there and a nice cull. I sure would rather have done that than watch the football.


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