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    Hi, New to this site. Finally found out how to introduce myself Brithunter, ha. Very interesting source of information and chat. Seems like their are a lot members with a wealth of information. I live in Brisbane Australia and love to hunt red deer in the Brisbane Valley. I enjoy being in the field with my 2 best mates Schroeder a Germand Shorthaired Pointer and Ruby and English Cocker Spaniel. I am a very big fan of the 7x57 and 9.3x64.

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    Just by looking at your "name" you must like power . Welcome to the site and forum.
    9.3x64 is not the most common calibre around , so just by seeing it , it woke my intrest.
    I am Belgian , and dutch speaking , so my choice of words might not always be perfect.
    Jus as I am , you seem to be a gundog lover. I am strongly into English Springer Spaniels and most of my shooting is roughshooting for pheasants. My second love is stalking .

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    Typical bloody Aussie you have to go one better. That's it, I'm changing my name to my other favourite calibre 9.3x74r.
    Only joking, welcome to the site. It's about time we had some guys on here who appreciate real calibres.

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    Welcome to SD
    Hope to be out there myself soon glad to see I will still be able to shoot deer

    ATB Steve

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    Hi Hales, Glad to meet another spaniel lover. You choice of words is fine. Yes I do like powerful cartridges. My goal is to hunt Buffalo in the Top End of Australia with my 9.3. But no dogs, too many snakes.

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    Ha lol. Thankyou 8x57. I like a lot of the old cartridges.

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    Thankyou Bordersman if you ever need any local tips just let me know.

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    Wellcome brother! Otto Bock was the inventor of the 9.3X62, so family business! Otto

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    Otto do you mean you are related to the the Otto Bock from Berlin ?

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    Achzo nein! I just wanted to mention that our avatars are nearly brother! I'm great fan od the 9.3 calibers very effectives on wildboar and stags here. Rgds

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