Since buying a 6.5 x 55, my .243 is getting no use. As such, I am offering the whole package for sale.

  • Browning A Bolt II Composite Stalker .243 win - shot maybe 350-500 rounds. A no-nonsense rifle without any bells & whistles, while being light weight and highly pointable (especially out of a truck window when foxing). The synth stock has less flex than many other synth stocks, without the "soft touch" finish and doesn't sound too hollow if tapped. Rifle gives good groups (for a stalking gun - 3/4 to 1" @ 100m) if right ammo is used (loves most of the Hornady stuff). Factory screw cut at M14*1, with thread protector. Comes with 2 mags and a nice, pretty new leather sling. For the sake of completeness, there are 3 minor/cosmetic signs of use - 1st a slight rub line on the barrel blueing where the mod comes to, some light marking on the stock where it has rubbed my belt knife handle when slung over my shoulder and lastly some paint has flaked off the very edges of the magazine "flap" - see photos.

  • ASE Ultra "North Star" sound moderator (NS-3S) - Great sound attenuation and reasonably light weight (<700 grams) in stainless steel. About 8 inch long, with about 4 inch back over the barrel, so doesn't add too much over all length.

  • Meopta Meopro 6-18*50 -good quality, unmarked glass. Nice scope for target, vermin & stalking. "ZPlex" reticle Parallax, elevation & windage turrets, click @ 1/4MOA. 2nd focal plane. 40MOA total adjustment. Don't recall what mounts/rings I used - perhaps Warne?

  • Factory ammunition -
    • Remmington accutip 75g x 8
    • Hornady SST 95gr x 16
    • Hornady Vmax 58gr x 35

Photos here

There is a cheap and cheerful rifle bag i can throw in and i have the original box for the rifle somewhere too if wanted..

Looking for 825 including the RFD fee at my end. We'll discuss a discount for F2F. Not sure if RFD will ship ammo with it? - if not we'll knock a bit off for ammo..

Thanks for looking