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Thread: The Riflemans 'Rifle'

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    The Riflemans 'Rifle'

    I had been searching for a 9.3 x 62, something classic to replace the Husky 9.3 I sold about 20 years ago. I even put the feelers out for an 8 x 68S.
    Then out of the blue a dealer friend informed me that he had recently taken a consignment rifle which I might be interested in.
    A pre 64 Mod 70 chambered in .300 H & H, I had a viewing last night. There on my friends dining room table was a classic American rifle, which has been described as the 'Rifleman's Rifle.'
    Condition is sublime, not a mark or blemish on the bolt face, no tells tale signs of use in the typical areas, bluing is 100%. A set of RCBS dies, that have the year of manufacture stamped on them, the way they used to do it, 1990. I would venture to say without the use of a bore scope, that this rifle has fired very few rounds. The stock is pristine not a mark on it and the checkering is sharp. It has a vintage 2-7 Leupold in some very unusual QD rings which I cannot identify but are beautifully made. Original front and rear sights are intact. Everything one could wish for, controlled round feed, 3 POS wing safety, Mauser extractor and the trigger is not bad but could use a tickle up.
    Needless to say I bought it. Not the 9.3 or 8 x 68 I craved but a classic rifle,chambered in a classic cartridge which appears to have fallen out of favour, why I don't know. This is only the second pre 64 in .300 H & H I have seen in the last 30 years. If memory serves since its inception, from 1936 to 1963 only approx 37,000 rifles were chambered in .300 H & H. Where are they all ?
    There was also 60 un-primed old white box Winchester Western Cases, perhaps some of the older forum members will remember them or perhaps still have some. Some new projectiles are needed, 220 Hornady RN's and some Nosler 200 gr Partitions, I think.


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    Sounds like a lovely rifle. Time to make up for all those years of it sitting in a cupboard now!


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    You can't go posting all that and having us drooling and foaming at the mouth where's the bloody pictures
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    Hi Mike

    You really shouldnt do this to us on the Forum........not good at all............
    The written word is fine but where are the photos - the eyes crave more, please?


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    Sorry Gents , Forgot I had this one pic on my phone ! Better ones to follow when I pick up the rifle.

    Mike.Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Mod 70.jpeg 
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    Nice rifle in a super classic calibre. I do like it a lot.
    The M70 with claw controlled round feed is a masterpiece of classic rifle design. Very popular in the US and Africa. Much less in Europe. Tastes are very different from country to country.
    In the UK both Sako and Tikka are very popular. In Belgium just 2 hours from the UK, they are not popular at all and regarded as low quality rifles. Shooters have much more conficence in Blaser, Steyer, Sauer, ....

    Wouldn't mind having a nice M70 in 30-06.

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    nice find very sako L61r looking what opens are on it ?

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    More pics please. This looks a beauty. I am drooling.

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    It's queer that, HS. French guns don't "go" here in UK. Faure le Page, Gastinne Rennette, Grainger even, nor Manufrance. I couldn't give my Manufrance, easy-opening 16 bore s/b/s Model 28E boxlock ejector away.

    How do French guns "go" in Belgium? Is there a Walloon vs Flanders price difference even? I saw some nice stuff at the King's gun shop in Brussels...but it was almost a pastiche on a Boss, Holland or Purdey.

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    Nice rig ! I recently refinished a spare stock for Conquest 1 . It was the twin to yours . Maybe he'll post some pics ?

    I say was because he's flogged it already . The man has no soul , just kidding Rick , you have a soul , it's just black and cold and is incapable of keeping nice rifles for long ............. sorry , that was me I was thinking of lol .

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