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Thread: Hunting in Mexico

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    Hunting in Mexico

    As the title shows I have taken a project in Puebla Mexico for six months so has anyone got experience of hunting in Mexico?
    I was thinking to take a compound bow due to the heavy firearm import restrictions that they have for normal people but not the cartels of course.

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    I'd be more worried about being hunted in Mexico....

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    Well I had a job in Juarez in 2012 and survived - just.

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    Never been that far into Indian country, however the weather looks perfect. Go with a guide, way too many things that could go badly for a white boy down there (even if he's an old white boy). If you survived Jazoo, you know the drill. Likely much nicer down there than in Jaurez. They have a unique species of turkey and quail, among other things. I'll bet the dove hunting is tops. Don't forget the fishing. Keep us posted.

    Just dawned one me, I don't know if your a white boy. What I should have said was "any non Mexican".
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    I had my honeymoon out there and the only thing I could readily find from searching online was dove shooting. I bet once you're there you'll make some contacts for good hunting though.

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    Several friends go there on a regular basis for wildfowl and doves. Another buddy is an outfitter with connections in the Yucatan for ocellated turkey, brocket deer, and such. One other has also been down for a javelina and whitetail hunt.

    All say essentially the same thing. Hunt able ground is controlled by outfitters, and all of them have guns for hire. That way your chances of running afoul of the federales is greatly reduced. If you do run afoul, the outfitter has a better chance of bribing you free than you do.

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    i stayed at a resort about a hours drive south of Cancun and there were quite a few white tail deer about .i have no idea if there hunted though

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    I've just been reading in Petersen's hunting March issue about hunting Peccaries in parts of Mexico

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    I had a peccary hunt while I was in NM in 1993 but saw none was a great long weekend nevertheless.
    Yep, the contract from the agency came thru this morning and it is now definitely all on.
    Looking forward to missing Oct-Nov-Dec in Europe as it is always cold and wet.

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    Yup it is a 4 months deal running till 15 December, I leave from Frankfurt on 16th August, hard to get back into the work saddle after 5 months off though.
    Pecarry pigs will be my target beast, the PSE bow is all packed and ready to go.

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