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Thread: Trip of a lifetime

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    Trip of a lifetime

    Recently I joined this forum (I live in New Zealand) hoping to get some tips on who/where to go for a possible Roe deer hunt whist visiting the in-laws in Wiltshire.
    Not long after my first post in the introductions section I received a a PM from a forum member who offered to take me for a hunt for nothing more than information on hunting in New Zealand.
    After a few brief emails a hunting trip was orginised and the hunting ground was in Scotland!

    I was a little nervous going off with a stranger hunting for four days, two of which would be driving. But it turned out to be the "trip of a lifetime" with a better person you could not hope to meet.
    We had a lot in common and his company made the whole experience something I will cherish forever. I hope someday to return the favour.

    I was lucky enough to get to shoot three Roe, two of which are cracking Bucks, we saw plenty of Roe and I also got to see for the first time, foxes and badgers. Not to forget the stunning scenery through out the journey.

    As the saying goes "Pictures tell a thousand words"

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thank you to the Forum and I will never be able to say "thank you" enough to my benefactor.

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    The true spirit of the Stalking Directory

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    Brilliant! great stuff

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    Well that's smile on your face at the top does indeed say it all !

    Also glad to see that some people still showing the spirit that is missing so much in life these days

    Well done to your benefactor !


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    I remember seeing your original post; delighted to see that it worked out well for you.

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