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Thread: Books on gamekeeping for youngsters

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    Books on gamekeeping for youngsters

    Son of a friend is 10 years old and mad keen on game keeping as a career. Have looked for introductory books for someone his age and no luck so far. He is a bit young yet for the likes of Wills shoot. Would anyone have any ideas? Thanks

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    I have a book here called "Small Scale Game Rearing" by J.C.Jeremy Hobson. it is written in very plain language and very easy to read. You can have it for a small fee and postage.

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    The compete guide to game conservation was a book I spent hours and hours reading as a kid, the pheasant, the Highland game, the game conservancy has some great small books on various aspect of keepering, the Moorland Gamekeeper is another good read although it's a bit dated now.

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    I have moved house recently and need to have a good sort out of my books, I'll see if I have anything suitable spare.

    One thing that I would say is that at that age I would recommend that the lad gets a good general grounding in basic natural history which will stand him in good stead whatever the future holds for him and the countryside in general.

    When I was ten I think that I knew more about birds, trees and animals than I do now!

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    Set a copy of "Come dawn come dusk" on the mantel shelf, he'll read it when ready.
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    Thanks for all the ideas folks, much appreciated.

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    Sent you email Geoff!

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    Brendon Chase by BB - not gamekeeping per se but a great read and introduction to stalking, tracking, fishing, wildlife, skinning (and teenage crushes rather surprisingly!). Just don't be surprised if it prompts your son to leg it to the woods over the summer holiday. He'll come back, eventually. I did.

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    Advice from a Gamekeeper - John Cowan

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    Ian mcalls or mike swanns books are both pretty good, althou possibly a bit 'old' for a 10 yr old.

    Best thing is get him beating and helping a decent keeper/countryman out on school holidays.
    My 1st job on a rearing field/estate was probably about 12/13 worked all summer biking 6 miles there and back, happy days, got paid with a new ferret finder.
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