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Thread: Devon police...a friendly approach

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    Devon police...a friendly approach

    So i have been driving for 35 years, stopped by the police on 3 occasions.

    1) Early morning on the way to work in a works car, christmas time, drink driving spot checks, they apologised for pulling me in, stated they could tell i hadn't had a drink, but i asked to be breathalised, never done it before, and no surprise i blew zero.
    2) Going out deer stalking, mine and clients rifle in slips on back seat but openly visible, get flagged down, accident blocking road, very friendly woman officer, pokes head through window, see's we are in cammo, looks in back, and tells us to find another route and have a good time, no checks.
    3) This morning, 04.30 in Exeter city centre, i pick up chap from the hotel, he is American, we are about to drive off and i tell him to put his seat belt on, lucky for us, drive around next corner, 2 police cars bundling a woman in the back of a car, as i drive past i notice policeman run to his car, next corner he catches up with me blue lights flashing, i pull over, i get out dressed head to toe in cammo, 'what's the problem officer?', 'sorry to stop you, i noticed you only had side lights on' i put on main beam, he looks in car, see's gun on seat, 'have a good day' and waves good bye.

    Only in Devon?

    No complaints from me.



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    I'm sure it goes with the turf Richard.

    Devon & Cornwall with the highest number of FAC and SGC's for a single force in the UK, and despite that one of the most efficient FLDs as well!

    Even the beat coppers can tell the difference between an AK and a sporting rifle - dunno about the bloke in camo though, maybe the copper really was distracted by the lack of headlights!
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    Puncture when leaving the shoot one Saturday in North Northumberland in brother in laws truck on the A1. Police patrol car pulls up behind. I approach the police motor patrol officer and tell him that we have shotguns in the vehicle having just left a pheasant shoot. 'No bother', he says as he puts out warning signs behind the truck. Brother in law can't find his wheelbrace, (oops) so traffic cop takes me 10 miles down the road and back so that I can collect a wheel brace from home! 'Thank you officer', I say. 'No bother', he replies, 'I'm a sporting shooter myself'!

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    I had similar experience a couple of Christmas' ago.
    About half past midnight, driving at a reasonable pace to get a young lady home on time, I pass a police car who does a U-turn behind me and speeds up to chase me for a half mile or so. They catch up, blue lights, pull me over and want to see drivers licence. I am dressed in full camo, rifle on back seat.
    "Is this your car sir?"
    "That's alright then, just checking you hadn't stolen it............have a good evening, bye!"

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    We call it "passing the attitude test".
    Meaning, a pleasant greeting to the police, no backchat, then let the police get on with why you were stopped.
    You can never, ever win an argument with the police on the side of the road. Passing the "test" in a lot of cases means that a pleasant outcome happens for both parties.
    You have a head start though when the police really know about firearms.
    Don't hide from your mates in the bush!

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    Coming back from a long distance stalk on M6 mate driving get pulled over for speeding. Police take him to their car, his arms up to elbow covered in dried blood(gralloch in dark,no water), three roe and two rifles in the boot. "Done a murder" asks PC number 1, "Yes three, bodies in boot" replies my mate,then explaining what they were. A quick check on identity, no search of car and PC no 1 says "I stalk myself, and if you hadn't been doing 90 We might have just given you a caution" A further 10 minutes chat on shooting and away we went. Some police are first class and after all we were hammering it
    Honour all men, Love the Brotherhood, Fear God, Honour the Queen.

    Keep the Faith.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The fourth Horseman View Post
    Coming back from a long distance stalk on M6 ...
    Amazing, I'd have thought the deer would get run over before you had a chance of a shot?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bandit Country View Post
    Amazing, I'd have thought the deer would get run over before you had a chance of a shot?
    Extremely droll.
    Honour all men, Love the Brotherhood, Fear God, Honour the Queen.

    Keep the Faith.

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    I am regularly stopped by the police both on the way stalking and returning home. The police have checkpoints leading out of the city and stop everybody. As I'm dressed in green, they let me go. On the way home, it is a different matter and usually involves a thorough check. No complaints as everybody has their job to do.

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    Been visited once in the field by Leics police whilst pigeon shooting they were polite ,calm and once they checked with the landowner i was pukka happily went on their way .As people have posted nice you gets nice police,mr angry is asking for the can of worms to be opened
    she buys shoes i buy ,shooting,she stops buying shoes,il be amazed

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