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Thread: S&B PMII P4Lf or P3L?

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    S&B PMII P4Lf or P3L?

    I'm considering purchasing a S&B PMII in first focal plane and am unsure as to which reticle would best suit my needs. The P3L is simple and ideal, but is not fine like the P4Lf so I worrie I may find the target gets obscured buy the reticle. Equally on lower magnification the fine may be to fine. Is anyone using one of these in the field and on the range, in particular in the field and have you found any issues with either?

    Thanks in advance.

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    P4LF is perfect. Just testing a new rifle with a 3-20x50 Ultra short and P4LF on it from 100 to 1000yds since a few weeks. Love the reticle.
    Some of the special forces guys I met and shot with today mentioned the P4LF is not quite as fine as it used to be. I wouldn't know.

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    +1 only using P3 as it was on sale (saved1k).

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    I have a Gent 2 mildot reticle on a 4-16x50 PM2 FFP and it works really well for my needs. I like the mil rad turrets with a mil rad reticle so out of the 2 you mentioned I would go with the P3 reticle, if I wanted MOA turrets I would go with the P4f reticle. I find it easier to match the reticle to the turret adjustments. Just my thoughts.

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    Hi and thank you all for your thoughts and comments. I have a preference to work in Mil for these are the increments on my current 3-13x50. It will save any confusion and simplify workings in my opinion

    762Scot, that is a fare point and not one I had given much thought. I had always intended to get a reticle that was calibrated in the same increments as the turrets. I was under the impression the P4Lf was in Mil but I will check this. Thank you.

    Should the P4Lf be available in Mil I think this may be the way forward. if only they did Mil Dot in fine ��

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    The P4Lf is avilable in both mil and MOA.

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    my P4lf is in mil and works perfect with the mil turrets.


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    Hi, and thank you all for your responses, especially edi for the image. Very much appreciated. I think that seals it, P4Lf. Buy the looks of thinks both would do the job just fine but the majority seem to like the P4Lf and that will do me.


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