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Thread: Kawasaki quad.

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    Kawasaki quad.

    I have a KLF 300, which I have owend for a number of years now. Bought it for use on my small holding and around the yard. Since doing a lot of stalking last few years I bought a yamaha as the terrain in Scotland was too extreme for the little quad. So it has stayed in the yard with occasional use and as something for my nephews to use when they visit.
    It hasn't seen much use in the last 12 months and the nephews can use the bigger one now, so it may as well get put to use by someone. It's 2 wheel drive with diff lock. Would be well suited to doing the feeding round the pheasant pens, or just plodding round the tracks and rides on a shoot.
    It's got a shooting rail on the front and I used to use it a fair bit out lamping on the stubbles etc.
    It runs on an egg cup full of fuel a day (might be a bit more!!!) unlike the big one which does use quite a lot more even when just bobbing around.
    Plastics are good, brakes work as do lights etc. The starter solenoid packed up last year and I've just used the pull start since. It fires up everytime I go to it even when left for a few months.
    I think it'll do someone a good turn for 750.

    Can email pictures if interested. Connection is too slow today to upload.
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    Hi. Do u still have the quad for sale? Ta

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    Still for sale at present, however just emailing pictures to two guys now. Thanks.

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    could i also have some pictures please, and also is it road legal ?

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    Hi Wardle. Drop me your email by pm and I'll send over pics. Quad is not road legal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by woodmaster View Post
    Still for sale at present, however just emailing pictures to two guys now. Thanks.
    Thanks for sending the pictures.

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    Still available, pictures can be sent to email if interested. Just send your email by PM and I'll reply.
    Kids coming over this week so chances are they'll want to use it. Can deliver local fairly easy or on way to stalking in Scotland perhaps if you're further afield.
    Thanks for looking.

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    Still available. Kids used it the other week for more obstacle course practise. Trying to teach them to reverse a trailer was fun!
    Open to sensible offers, be better to see it put to use and have some spare cash.

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    I desperately wish I had the funds readily available for this as its exactly what I'm after. Alas I can't justify the outlay right now.

    Good luck with the sale.


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