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Thread: Straight Pull .30-06

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    Straight Pull .30-06

    Morning all,

    Following my renewal I've now got a space for a .30-06 and would like to fill it with a straight pull. Unfortunately funds are limited so I'm not able to stretch to a new Blaser etc.

    Ideally looking for a 2nd hand rifle in excellent condition, including mod or at least threaded for one and the ability to attach a picatinny rail.

    If anyone has something suitable or knows of one then please let me know.

    Best wishes

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    Have a look for a Browning Maral, there's a few about but maybe not been on the market long enough for any second hand ones to turn up just yet.
    Look for a Demonstrator perhaps !!
    I have one in 30-06 and won't part with it but others may have lost the novelty of it.
    Good luck

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    Thanks EMcC,

    Maral is definitely on the list, I think we exchanged a few PMs about them last year. If I could track down a ex-demo or even 2nd hand one it would definitely help with the budget but as you say there aren't many about full stop, let alone 2nd hand ones. There also seems to be a distinct lack of them that are screw cut, I'm yet to find one advertised that is.

    I've got a few months to find one so hopefully some patience will pay off.

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    Mine came into the country screw cut.
    It seems the ones with the Battue back sight are made for the European market and are aimed at the driven market to be used with iron sights and are not screw cut whereas the ones with the V rear sight are aimed at the UK market and are.

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    not quite a straight pull but merkal kr1 nice rifle
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    Thanks deerstalker that rifle is almost perfect apart from not being screw cut, I love the stock and price though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JayBM View Post
    Thanks deerstalker that rifle is almost perfect apart from not being screw cut, I love the stock and price though.
    A threading job is easy and not expensive.... Why not go for that option??
    Opinions are like arseholes....... we all have them, and most of them stink

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    The only problem is that with the non factory threaded rifles you end up having to remove the front sight to have them threaded. It's something I'd like to avoid if possible but do think I'll go and have a look at the one above. Thanks again for finding it, I somehow missed it despite checking guntrader on a daily basis.

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